A CONTROVERSIAL ‘anti-vaccination’ film set to be screened in Maryborough has been slammed by a Fraser Coast doctor.

VaxXed, a film exploring the alleged link between vaccinations and autism, will soon be screen at a secret location in Maryborough.

Dial-a-Home Doctor’s Aleem Khan said the film had the potential to cause damage with “misinformation” about vaccination.

“(Vaccination) will not only save the child’s life, but it’s been proven to be a safe effective way to look after the community,” Dr Khan said.

“I’m not going to waste my time watching or thinking about this film.

“Anyone with the right sense of mind who believes in the research and evidence would not believe something this unscientific.”

Dr Khan said there was “no medical grounds” for anyone to go against vaccinations and said doctors could “show people the evidence and research” proving the effectiveness of vaccines.

But, according to their website, the documentary’s creators insist the film is not anti-vaccines, instead making calls to actions that include “vaccines being classed as pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly” .

“Being pro availability of safer vaccines that achieved the same immunity outcomes is not anti-vaccination.”


Source: https://www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/news/fraser-coast-doctor-slams-upcoming-anti-vax-film/3246520/


AMANDA Moore did not know what she would do if the flames found her home.

Mrs Moore could only watch as the area near Waters Edge Dr and Petersens Rd, Craignish, burned on Tuesday evening.


“It was pretty chaotic seeing how close it was,” Mrs Moore said. “It was a scary thing to see.”

Mrs Moore said the initial fire was about 500 metres from her home. She said it was only the efforts of tireless firefighters, who worked deep into the night, that saved homes.

“If it was out of control then we would’ve been at risk,” Mrs Moore said.

“Seeing the flames (at night), we were worried. You could see it up and over the houses. It was huge from where we were standing.”

The fire was reported about 4.30pm on Tuesday afternoon, but was extinguished by early yesterday afternoon.

Mrs Moore, her children, and fellow residents had already struggled with the effects of the smoke from the Walligan fire, but this, she said, was much worse.

“You could barely see what was in front of you,” she said of the smoke.


“(Her children) were all pretty good but it was a matter of how we’d get out if we had to.”

“It brought people closer – people were exchanging numbers and helping where they could. I’m not sure how we’d get out if it was bigger. There’s only the one way out of the street.”

The smoke didn’t just affect those in Craignish.

The fires blanketed Hervey Bay in smoke, which was reflected in the number of cases Dial A Home Doctor attended on Tuesday night.

Dr Aleem Khan said the proximity of the blaze to the Bay, as well as the prolonged duration of the nearby fires, resulted in smoke-related or triggered respiratory cases.

It affected the service’s employees too, with one doctor unable to work due to flu-like symptoms.

Dr Khan said those in smoke-affected areas should close doors and windows, and for those who suffer asthma-related illnesses to ensure they had puffers and other medicines on hand.

You can phone Dial A Home-Doctor on 139 999.


Source: https://m.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/news/family-watch-in-fear-before-firefighters-save-the-/3218408/


A NEW after-hours doctor service is on the cusp of entering the market, hoping to reduce waiting times in the Bundaberg region which is experiencing a GP shortage.

Dial A Home Doctor is on a recruitment drive for GPs, even offering to subsidise relocation costs for full-time doctors.

Dial A Home Doctor Bundaberg co-ordinator Barbara Burstall said the jobs were being advertised Australia-wide to lure doctors to the region.

“We realise that Bundaberg surgeries are having a hard time filling doctors, let alone an after-hours service,” she said.

“We want to do this for the people and the community.”

Ms Burstall said with a growing and ageing population, Bundaberg was in dire need of more health professionals to cater to the region’s increasing demand on health services.

With House Call Doctor already operating in the region, Ms Burstall believes there is room for more after-hours services in Bundaberg.

“More and more people are moving to Bundaberg,” she said.

“Reports are sent to your GP the following morning for follow-up.

“We are not here to replace your GP, but to fill in the gap when needed.”

Dial A Home Doctor has been operating in Hervey Bay since December and expanded to Maryborough in April.

It caters predominantly to category four and five patients.

Ms Burstall said the service was free and 100 per cent bulkbilled.

She hoped the service would ease pressure on Bundaberg Hospital’s emergency department.

No start date has been set for the operation to begin but Ms Burstall is hoping it will be sooner rather than later.


Source: https://m.news-mail.com.au/news/new-after-hours-doctor-service-targets-region/3245423/


Asthma sufferers should revise their health plan regularly.

ABOUT 40% of patients seen by Dial A Home Doctor between Friday and Sunday had respiratory related issues believed to be caused by the recent blanket of smoke covering Hervey Bay.

Dial A Home Doctor area manager for Maryborough and Hervey Bay, Dr Aleem Khan, said 97 of 243 patients seen over the weekend suffered from chest infections, runny noses, itchy eyes, coughing and other respiratory related symptoms.

“We had many people with asthma, lung conditions and prior respiratory issues get in contact with us and there were lots of kids affected too,” Dr Khan said.

It followed a week of fire outbreaks and controlled burns including a fire in Takura, and vegetation fires in Dunmora, Craignish and Dundathu.

Since August 29 Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service have been conducting planned burns on Fraser Island with the fires to continue until September 30.

A QPWS spokesperson said the burn program would reduce the volume of forest fuels.

He said it would reduce the intensity of wildfires in the summer months and provide favourable conditions for natural forest regeneration.

“Smoke may be seen in the Southern Fraser Island area including around Eurong, Wanggoolba Creek, Ungowa, Dilli Village, Lake Boomanjin and Lake Birrabeen and in the Northern Fraser Island area from Awinya Creek on the west coast to the north of the island,” they said.

Anyone prone to respiratory issues should avoid leaving the house unless absolutely necessary.

“Keep your medications and asthma puffers handy,” Dr Kahn said.

“It’s best to keep all doors and windows to outside shut to prevent too much smoke getting inside.”

Dr Khan said there were long term effects to prolonged exposure to smoke but it all “depends on the individual”.

“Someone who has a pre-existing respiratory issue is in more danger of long term effects,” he said.

If anyone is affected by smoke contact your doctor as soon as possible.

For after-hours matters contact Dial A Home Doctor on 13 99 99.

Source: https://www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/news/smoke-affects-40-of-patients-in-fraser-coast/3220045/

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